Because I'need an ETL PHP based tool for an other project, because lack of time, because I'm not a web designer and because I'm not a natively english speaker :
Da MixDEM Engine is inspired from the concept of the transformation graph of the powerful, metadata-driven ETL tool clover ETL.
Da MixDEM GUI Editor & the LookAndFeel is inspired from the Google Mashup Editor.
Da MixDEM Help contains some articles borrowed from many other ETL tools and Mashup Editors documentation, and slightly modified.

This is the Start Guide of MixDEM 1.2. MixDEM update and english support can be obtained at or

MixDEM web based ETL tools meant for web - tour

What is MixDEM?

MixDEM is a is a PHP based metadata driven ETL tools for Data Integration, Data Migration and Mashup edition.

  • MixDEM ETL Engine is the ELT framework created using ZEND Framework. It can be used as an standalone application or embedded into PHP scripts.

  • MixDEM GUI Editor is an AJAX development framework and a set of tools that enable developers to quickly and easily create mashup applications or performing some massive data transformation projects in a few lines of code with a really simple declarative XML tags.

Getting Started Guide

Programmer's Reference Guide